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'Los Caños de Meca', is one of the most unique destinations in the Spanish geography. The beauty of its landscapes, its environment and its fantastic and varied beaches not remain indifferent to the traveler, and which make it an ideal year-round destination.

There are many tourist attractions among which the Natural Park of 'La Breña y las Marismas de Barbate'. Since ancient times, the tides and winds have swept us. With the release spanning the Straits looking towards sinuous dunes endless beaches, remnants of flourishing civilizations, where sea, sky and forests merge, in the Natural Park of 'La Breña y las Marismas de Barbate', inhabited by many species, some unique . The 'Tajo', sublime and lonely cliffs lookout, protects up to 100m altitude, jealous of its  treasurable Coast. By which, following in the footsteps of its warm nights, rising temperatures until the sun gives it its magical light.



Located in the county of 'La Janda', 'Barbate' is a beautiful town that hosts one of the most famous fishing ports of Andalucia.

Along the 25 km of coastline with, villages such as 'Zahara' and 'Caños de Meca' or beaches like 'Hierbabuena' or 'Nuestra Señora del Carmen', this area makes up one of the most recognized tourist resorts of southern Spain .

In addition, the Natural Park of 'La Breña and Marismas del Barbate' offers the possibility to take part in a large variety of nature trails of great ecological and landscape interest within the village located in the 'Cabo Trafalgar', where the famous battle took place in which the Franco-Spanish fleet was defeated by Admiral Nelson. Imagine a paradise where the clock stops. Golden Southern beaches welcome you. You are in Barbate. Enriched with archaeological remains, which creates indelible wisdom and coexistence. get to know the secrets  that kept art tradition alive. Stay prisoner of mural walls, towers and castles, footprints away  from its strategic location greatness. Assets stand as a sign of survival time, identity that endures in our streets. Enjoy festivals and celebrations of old legacys and unleashe the pleasure of the senses in the tasting of our rich and varied cuisine, carefully cultivated by renowned caterers.